Although we will continue to award memorial scholarships and legacy grants, our focus will be re-directed to helping families survive the loss of a child. When Bryan died, there were very few local resources for families. There were feelings of isolation, depression, and anger that were impossible for others to understand. We searched for a place where others knew what we were going through and, at the time, we thought that we were alone. But sadly, this sort of thing happens to hundreds of Maryland families each year. Every one of those families will undoubtedly never be the same, but they can survive and cope.


The Bryan Palmer Foundation has partnered with the Center for Infant and Child Loss to reach out to parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends who are grieving the loss of a child. Our new initiative, Caring Hearts in Surviving Early Loss (CHISEL) will provide families with resources, comfort, and compassion after the loss of a child. We will provide services based on three needs that we identified after Bryan’s passing.

The CHISEL Initiative is diagrammed below.