About Us

IMGP0289-225x300Welcome to the Bryan Palmer Foundation website! 

 We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping families and friends survive the loss of a child. On August 2, 2004, Bryan passed away in his sleep from unknown causes. He was 12 ½ years old.

bryan-family-200-newBryan’s family established a foundation, in his name, three years later, in 2007. The foundation was initially set up to provide scholarships in an effort to keep Bryan’s memory and name alive.

In addition to the scholarships, we make donations to local music and sports programs and to The Center for Infant and Child Loss. Helping others became an integral part of healing and coping from our inexplicable loss.

bryan-guitar-200As we provided scholarships, Bryan’s family began thinking about their experience with Bryan’s death. We reviewed the difficulties, we remembered the support we received and we realized which services could have been more helpful. We began to think that we could make a real impact by developing a unique network of survivors- people that have lost a young child.

Ten years have past since Bryan passed away and we are beginning a new chapter in his legacy. Our new CHISEL initiative, Caring Hearts in Surviving Early Loss, will allow us to reach out to more families and pass on the resources, comfort and compassion that helped us cope and survive. Find out more here.

We invite you to help us with our goal to support grieving families across Maryland. Please continue to explore our website and participate by memorializing your loss, volunteering to help or attending a counseling session. We are determined to help families remember, heal and learn a new normal in a life with tragic loss.