Legacy Grants

Every child’s life, no matter how brief, means the world to somebody. Those who have lost a child don’t want to ignore their loss. They want to hear his or her name spoken; they want to hear stories; they want to remember and cherish the happy moments; in short, they want to keep their child’s memory alive.

Here at the Bryan Palmer Foundation, we understand. We feel the same way. We did several things to keep Bryan’s memory alive. We donated a tuba to his elementary school because it was the instrument that he played while there. We helped in the commission of an orchestra piece in his name for his middle school. We award a scholarship in his name to the high school he would have attended.

There are many ways to honor the memory of your child.

We are offering grants to help you in your plans to honor your child’s memory. Maybe you want a brick with his or her name on it at their school; or to make a book donation to the school library; or maybe you want to sponsor an athletic event – tell us your story and your plans. We will help fund several memorial opportunities each year.

Caring Hearts in Surviving Early Loss (CHISEL) wants to help you keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Legacy Grant Application